Babette Bensoussan

Facilitator, Executive Group 102, Sydney

Babette BensoussanBabette Bensoussan is one of Australia’s leading business consultants, most published business authors and a highly sought after corporate speaker.  Throughout her career Babette has demonstrated an extraordinary ability and passion for sharing her expertise with others.

Babette has a wealth of experience in coaching executives and has a unique talent for supporting leaders in their decision-making skills.  Her coaching and mentoring sessions prove an invaluable source of support and inspiration to leaders, employees and anyone with a keen interest in business strategy.  Babette has a number of specialized coaching qualifications including:

  • Professional Coaching Certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (USA).
  • Trained and qualified in the Energy Leadership Index (ELI).  ELI is a revolutionary leadership development tool.  It facilitates in assessing, harnessing and enhancing personal and professional leadership qualities.  Babette is currently the only Australian qualified in ELI.
  • Significant experience in Myer‐Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) giving her a structured insight into the complex factors that underpin an individual’s decision-making process.

Babette’s approach is incredibly holistic and she has a particular interest in mentoring professionals who are seeking to balance their work and family/personal lives.  Her support has proved to be of particular value to aspiring entrepreneurs, individuals seeking to expand their businesses outcomes and to those seeking out senior executive roles or directorships.  Supporting women in business has always been one of Babette’s most significant professional priorities.

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