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BCD – Encore Opening New Doors


behind closed doors Encore Opening New Doors (Encore) is an invitation only membership exclusively for business people transitioning to retirement or in retirement. It is an opportunity for members to look ahead, plan and prepare for opportunities, share knowledge and to experience interests within their peer group.

Driven by demand from business people wanting to open new doors, the lunch and dinner sessions were formed for business people who are transitioning from full-time work, in a portfolio career or in retirement. Members can share, challenge, plan, set goals and keep up to date with economic, social and environmental changes with a group of like-minded people.


My Plan, My Future

The idea of transitioning into full-time leisure is both exciting and scary. As high achievers with decades invested in your professional lives, it is inevitable that you come to identify yourselves by reference to your work. The Encore program will help you to discover your personal uniqueness, deepen relationships and broaden your identity by reference to the things you are passionate about.

A career and lifestyle transition no longer signals the end of working but rather multiple options for working, learning, relaxing and finding new ways to stay active and productive. What you may miss is having structure in your life as you did in business. Encore offers ways to find sources of structure, purpose and meaningulness appropriate to your new lifestyle.


“Our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become.”

– Loewn Steel, Director, Challenging Thinking, BCD Facilitator

The group’s objectives aim to:

  • Provide information and motivation to plan for lifestyle transitioning in a confidential setting
  • Provide an avenue for challenging and stimulating learning and discussion with a group of interesting people
  • Stimulate interest in different lifestyles
  • Provide access to wealth management, accounting, legal information and resources
  • Assist your understanding of the changes associated with a career and lifestyle transition
  • Enable you to keep abreast of economic, social and environmental changes
  • Encourage members to stay active and productive by sharing with others as mentors
  • Build Board opportunities for members via the BoardDirect Register

High level, experienced business leaders facilitate each Group and Members are personally assigned to groups based on their experience, industry sector and personal and professional needs. Personality has a role to play too. We ensure there are no professional conflicts of interest at all times.

Group Framework

  • Eight sessions per annum, March to November
  • Three hours over lunch from 12.00pm to 3.00pm or dinner from 6.00pm to 9.00pm
  • Venue: CBD location
  • Each Group is capped at 10 members
  • Investment – Annual membership fee with monthly payment option. Contact us today for details.

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