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BCD – Executive Over Dinner

Dr Sally Rundle - Facilitator behind closed doors

behind closed doors Executive – Over Dinner is a membership exclusively for high level businesswomen to expand their knowledge and to share their vast amount of business experience within their peer group.

Driven by demand from “time poor” Executives, the dinner sessions were formed so that former BCD Executive Members, Executive women and business owners could speak openly and honestly about current and emerging issues businesswomen are faced with everyday, with a group of like-minded women.
The key objective of this highly effective membership is to maximise the performance of businesswomen and directors and/or chairs. Leading Australian businesswomen who hold key board directorships locally, nationally and internationally, facilitate each group.


The objectives of behind closed doors Executive – Over Dinner are to:

  • Provide a confidential Executive women’s support network
  • Mentor peers to accept greater professional challenges
  • Provide an avenue for appropriate, challenging, Executive and Board level, cross industry, experiential learning from a group of outstanding business people
  • Creating a virtual Board scenario where issues/challenges can be tabled with a high calibre, invaluable and diverse sounding board, in a strictly confidential environment
  • Deliver professional development sessions to extend members personally and professionally
  • Keep abreast of legislation, Executive and Directors issues and challenges, governance and best practice

High level, experienced Executives and Board Directors facilitate each Group and Members are personally assigned to groups based on their experience, industry sector and personal and professional needs. Personality has a role to play too. We ensure there are no professional conflicts of interest at all times.

‘The case for greater gender balance is obvious for Australian leaders. The opportunity to leverage untapped talent, and the productivity imperative, means that gender should be on the national agenda for years to come. There is just no justification for not…“getting in the game”.’
Mike Smith, ANZ

Group Framework

  • Eight sessions per annum, every six weeks; February to November
  • Three hours over dinner. 6.00pm to 9.00pm
  • Venue: City fringe location
  • Each Group is capped at 12 members
  • Investment – Annual membership fee with monthly payment option. Contact us today for details.

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