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Bringing professional women together to share experiences and knowledge, develop networks and receive support and mentoring in a peer group mentoring environment.


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BCD Executive Membership

behind closed doors Executive is a membership exclusively for high level businesswomen to expand their knowledge and share their vast amount of business experience within their peer group.

The Executive Membership was formed for executive women so that they could speak openly and honestly about current and emerging issues businesswomen are faced with everyday, with a group of like-minded women.

Unique Peer Group Mentoring

How often do you have the opportunity to sit down with your business peers – people who have walked in your shoes, who can offer constructive, unbiased feedback and a different perspective to solving the most challenging leadership issues? BCD Executive Member meetings are not another networking event, it is a peer working session where real business issues are tackled by tapping into the powerhouse knowledge in the room to generate new insights, ideas and solutions.

Members support each other to be more effective in their executive and business roles and provide the tools to expand and grow to the benefit of their organisation. This is time invested outside of the business thinking about the business on a strategic level and can deliver insights and “light bulb” moments as well as offering assistance with operational and life issues, professional development, mentoring, business and connecting/networking opportunities, and support with executive roles and attaining board positions.


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National Membership

Executive Memberships are offered in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. High level, experienced Executives and Board Directors facilitate each Group and members are personally assigned to groups based on their experience, industry sector and personal and professional needs.

Facilitators include Kate Costello, Hon Karlene Maywald, Jane Jeffreys,  Sue Filby in Adelaide; Janet Matton in Melbourne; Sheena Polese in Sydney and Gaye McMath and Dr Annette J Watkins in Perth.

Meet Adelaide Executive Facilitator the Hon Karlene Maywald who tells us why she has been a part of BCD for so many years.

Executive group members meet for three hours, 11 times a year, to share challenges and issues, opportunities and networks, set goals and be held accountable.

“Being a part of BCD is providing me an opportunity to be in a space I never dreamt I would be in and I absolutely enjoy the time I get to talk to the women in my group.” Adelaide Executive Member, 2017.

To hear more direct from our members meet Adelaide Executive Member Natasha Miliotis, CEO of Skylight.

Members are placed into a group of a maximum 15 women – each from a different and non-conflicting industry sector – providing a powerful round table peer group sounding board.

BCD Executive membership includes:

  • 11 x 3 hour peer mentoring sessions each year
  • Facilitation of peer mentoring sessions by a highly skilled, respected and experienced businesswoman that include Kate Costello, Hon Karlene Maywald, Jane Jeffreys, Sue Filby in Adelaide;  Janet Matton in Melbourne;  Sheena Polese in Sydney  and  Gaye McMath in Perth.
  • Opportunity to discuss professional and personal challenges and strategies in a supportive women’s forum
  • Unlimited access to national guest speaker sessions that deliver practical professional and personal management tools and skills. Guest speaker topics range from Personal Branding, Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, Networking, Crucial Conversations, Resilience and more
  • Assignment of an accountability partner to assist with goal monitoring and progress
  • Exclusive invitations to National Connexions networking events. With highly sought after guest speakers, Connexions Events include canapé’s and premium wines coupled with outstanding networking opportunities
  • Exclusive invitations to BCD member only networking events
  • Access to a national network of businesswomen
  • Listing on BCD Board Direct – Directory of board ready businesswomen
  • Access to unpublished Board and Executive appointments
  • Profile listing on BCD national membership directory
  • Exclusive opportunities to build networks amongst high profile business men and women
  • Exclusive invitations to high profile networking events
  • Opportunity to be featured on BCD Social Media channels to assist with personal branding
  • Access to BCD member only website portal including forum, resources, member directory and member only events
  • Exclusive BCD starter pack upon joining

Members of behind closed doors Executive are provided with:

  • Access to a confidential executive women’s support network
  • Opportunities to mentor peers to accept greater professional challenges
  • An avenue for appropriate, challenging, executive and board level, cross industry, experiential learning from a group of outstanding business people
  • A virtual board scenario where issues/challenges can be tabled with a high calibre, invaluable and diverse sounding board, in a strictly confidential environment
  • Professional development sessions to extend members personally and professionally
  • Opportunity to keep abreast of legislation, executive and directors issues and challenges, governance and best practice


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“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”
-Madeleine Albright

In 2016 BCD introduced an ATSI Scholarship providing a 12-month fully funded Executive membership. Meet our inaugural recipient Aunty Eunice Aston and hear what she has achieved through her membership with behind closed doors.

BCD Executive Membership Framework

  • 11 sessions per annum (membership can commence any time throughout the year – there is no specific intake dates).
  • Three hours over a light lunch from 12 noon until 3pm or with afternoon tea from 2pm – 5pm
  • CBD venue
  • Each group capped at 15 members
  • Investment – Minimum 12 month membership payable monthly or annually. Contact us today for details on how you can start your BCD journey today.

“I think the key is for women not to set any limits”
-Martina Navratilova


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