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The fast tracking program, Insiders, is a tailored in-house practical management, professional development and leadership program to generate better leaders. Insiders is an invitation only Program where members support each other to attain greater professional success.

The Behind Closed Doors Insiders program has been built on the following principles:

  • What we discover for ourselves, we value more than what we are told.
  • A blended focus on building emotional and business intelligence will assist gaining an understanding of self, whilst bringing this back to key business objectives.

Insiders sessions provide members with a safe environment to speak openly and honestly about their challenges, strategies and issues.

Members support each other to be more effective in their roles and provide the tools to expand and grow to the benefit of their organisation. Attending every session requires a commitment from members and from you, the employer. This is time invested thinking about the business and themselves on a strategic level and can deliver insights and “light bulb” moments as well as offering assistance with operational and life issues, professional development, business and internal networking opportunities.

Behind Closed Doors Insiders will deliver an outstanding range of benefits and opportunities:

  • Identifies and rewards key personnel
  • Develops emotional intelligence, strategic thinking and confidence
  • Increases the calibre and expertise of the women within your organisation
  • Enhances professionalism and strategic awareness
  • Provides professional and personal development of key personnel in a stimulating environment
  • Access to a select women’s network
  • Private sessions with local identities and guest speakers
  • Opportunities to discuss professional and personal issues in a supportive women’s forum
  • Regular monthly sessions
  • Networking functions
  • Participants feel invested in and value the time invested on active learning opportunities

“A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.”
Melinda Gates, philanthropist, co-founder and co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


  • Presented/facilitated in-house on your own premises, which:
  • Guest speaker in first hour – development/training (the Facilitator may also present a topic)
  • Issues/ideas/challenges or project session (1 hour)
  • Facilitated by the same external Facilitator for each session
  • Tailored to the business requirements
  • Local exposure via the guest speaker network
  • Targeted workshops can be arranged as determined by the Group and organisation

Program Framework

  • Insiders Group(s) meet ten (10) times per annum
  • Session session runs for two hours, at a time convenient for your organisation
  • Each Insiders Group is capped at 10 members (minimum of 6 members)
  • Investment – Annual membership fee with monthly payment option. Contact us today for details.
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