Celeste Moroney

Program Director, Executive, Sydney

Celeste Moroney is currently the Director of RUN PARTNERS; a results focused business and marketing partner.

RUN PARTNERS predominately works with medium and large business in creating sustainable point of difference through brands, communications, channel diversification, product innovation and customer relationships. In the past 12 months, RUN PARTNERS has worked with clients across various industries, including: Education, Food Manufacturing, Food Innovation, Digital Finance, Online Retail, Packaging Manufacturing, High Performance Education, Presentation Coaching, Conference Events.

Celeste Moroney is also the co-founder of ME AFTERWORK. ME AFTERWORK is a ‘self development’ platform that educates and connects – creating a #supportteam network that helps people grow and achieve across all areas of their life. Monthly talks, workshops and tailored corporate programs form part of the current offering.

Her career highlights included, The Steggles brand overtaking the major competitor in awareness and brand score ratings, securing shelf space for Steggles Chicken, Steggles Turkey and Lilydale, significant sales growth of Steggles branded products, establishing very strong marketing supplier relationships, initiating new systems in farming, product development, marketing and product development, establishing the Charity Nest National Program which raised $1million per annum for 14 children’s charities. And most significantly, establishing a self-sufficient, results driven and high-energy team in the marketing and product innovation areas.

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