Competitive Positioning – What’s yours?

You want to be a leader, a successful leader, easily able to effect outstanding business results.  Perhaps you already are but you want to rise further.

How can you stand out and make the right people take notice of you and your talents? It’s called competitive positioning and it applies to you and your career just as much as it does to company branding and development.

Take a look at the way people like Tony Robbins or Richard Branson operate and you will notice that they stand in a particular space in the market.  They have built their brands around that space and positioned themselves as experts within it.  You know not to go to Richard Branson for routine ideas; he’s an original thinker and a risk taker.  He has claimed that space and dominates it.

That’s what competitive positioning is all about for leaders; branding, message and being seen within the space you want to own.

Have you given much thought to your leadership role and to those who look up to you?

  • What kind of leader are you?
  • Are you recognised as a thought leader in your particular field or industry?
  • Do you add value in ways that your competitors can’t match?
  • Do you have skills or experience that is yet untapped but which is of great value?

These questions are particularly important for you to answer so that you can realise your true potential.  You need to focus on your key strengths and use them to your competitive advantage.  What can you do that your competitors – other leaders – don’t?  What can you do to ensure that you are seen as number one in your field?

Knowing your uniqueness will keep you ahead of impersonators and understanding your true value will allow you to present yourself authentically for the entire world to see.  It will also help you realise any internal blocks you may need to overcome.

You know, sometimes it is not so much talent or experience that sets you apart.  It’s your way of thinking and applying them.  Never underestimate the importance of your attitude and approach. It can be your best selling point.

Once you have managed to create a healthy competitive positioning, you need to ensure that this position is both managed and maintained.  Don’t cut corners.  Don’t underperform.  That will eat away at your positioning.

You want to be clearly branded with your reputation so that people know that they can call on you when they need to and expect to see quality results should they follow your advice.

Intelligent leaders should understand that competition, healthy competition, can create a wealth of opportunity, and that opportunities can be seized through clever positioning.

Ricky Nowak is a high energy and dynamic Certified Corporate Trainer, Workplace Assessor and Behind Closed Doors Facilitator whose 25 years of corporate experience makes training sessions come alive with real learning. She is passionate about developing authentic business leaders and inspires the participants to contribute comfortably as she connects and communicates naturally with them.

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