Fiona Dorman

Facilitator, Entrepreneurs 34 Adelaide

Fiona DormanAs Business Manager of our personal Trust that owns and has investments in seven companies, we directly and indirectly employ 65+ staff in a range of industries from water purification to software technology recruiting to alcoholic beverages to farming and agricultural interests.

I believe in the power of education and in empowering educators to take control of their information and their intellectual property. So, in starting EnterpriseLMS in 2016 with my business partner, Andrew Galdes, this start-up entrepreneurial venture has developed an easy-to-use proprietary tool for non-technical people to do what most technicians struggle to perform.

In 2012, looking for ways to create a career path for people looking to return to work, find more work, find better work or change your life through study, I started The Part Time People (TPTP) to bring together information and real opportunities for people to take charge of their working life.

As CEO of Surgical Research Australia (2010 – 2012), we specialised in developing novel and clinically relevant orthopaedic surgical techniques as well as testing new orthopaedic medical devices for the international multi-billion-dollar medical device industry.

As Vice President of Operations and Marketing at vivoPharm Pty Ltd (2006 – 2010), our company specialised in pre-clinical Oncology and novel drug therapy Development. As Supervisor to technical, scientific and administrative staff in four key areas- Department of in vivo Pharmacology, Department of in vitro Pharmacology, Office administration and Information Technology and Study Coordinators, we developed novel ways to test and administer both new and emerging drug therapies, particularly for the international oncology medical industry.

As a Research Assistant, Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science, Adelaide, South Australia (2002-2006), I worked on an array of projects in the life sciences area. First, I was involved in researching umbilical cord blood stem cells and how to use them in cancer therapeutic situations as well as researching their potential for other treatments.

This research led to a move into orthopaedic applications of Mesenchymal Stem Cells; a type of adult stem cell. These cells can be extracted from a patient’s own body and be used either by oneself or be used to create cell products for “off-the-shelf” use in orthopaedic scenarios.

In an area I love, I work as a Traffic Reporter for the Australian Traffic Network as both a broadcaster and Presenter for multi-media including radio (including Nova 919, Triple M, Hit107, ABC891, Mix 102.3, Cruise1323, 5AA, Power FM and 5MU) and television (Channel 9 and Channel 7).

Bachelor of Science (Hons), University of Adelaide
Honours: Comparative Reproductive Biology of Mammals (Department of Anatomy)

Not For Profit / Volunteer
As a daughter of a lifelong volunteer, giving back and using your time, knowledge and skills for the betterment of your local community and extended community has always been a ‘given’. My mother has instilled a strong sense of purpose and ‘giving a voice’ without expectation of a material reward. Her belief has always been that her three daughters deserved to have a voice and have a chance to direct and influence their future. It is this determination that she has passed on to my two sisters and I.

And, her ongoing commitment to various groups has demonstrated to me that a) belonging matters, b) giving what you can, matters and is the right thing to do and, c) that together we are stronger and can achieve great things if we work together.
It is with this foundation that, more than a decade ago, I joined as a member of Asian Women’s Consultative Council SA, National Council of Women SA and RPH Adelaide 1197am (Vision Australia) and volunteer my time where I can.

Ongoing Roles include:
• Asian Women’s Consultative Council Member, 2005 to present
o Committee Member 2005 – 2014
o Secretary 2008-2010
• National Council of Women SA Member, 2006 to present
o Executive Council Member 2006 – 2008
o Mass Media Adviser 2006 – 2008, 2016-present
• RPH Adelaide 1197am (Vision Australia), April 2007 – June 2016
o News Radio Announcer and Panel Operator, April 2007 – June 2016