Kendy Beal

Business and Program Director

Kendy Beal
Kendy Beal, behind closed doors Business & Program Director, joined the team in March 2017.

Kendy brings to the business more than 18 years experience in senior management roles in the Tourism, Hospitality and service industries. With core strengths in the areas of business development, training and business sales consulting Kendy brings an ability of innovative thinking.

A sales professional with a proven track record of progressive accomplishments Kendy has built cohesive teams with strong problem solving skills, successfully implemented sales campaigns and events and produced enviable results of increased customer engagement and sales growth.

An avid traveller and mother of two teenage boys, life is never dull and always moving at a fast pace. Born and raised in Broken Hill before moving to Adelaide to pursue career opportunities, Kendy also travelled Europe, lived in the UK and spent time in Darwin exploring the wonders of the Northern Territory before moving back to Adelaide where she now calls home.

Her motto in life is to always have a passion for living a fulfilling enriched life and concentrating on always doing what you love.

If you are interested in finding out more about behind closed doors membership, Kendy is available to discuss your professional development aspirations and if a behind closed doors membership is right for you.  Kendy is available to meet in Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney. To make an appointment contact