Melbourne 2017 Scholarships

Thanks to the support of the Australian Government, behind closed doors has eight scholarships to award to women in Melbourne in 2017.  Recipients of the scholarship will be awarded a 12-month fully funded membership to a behind closed doors group.

Scholarships are not awarded to the woman that can prove she is the best in her category, but rather to a woman that can demonstrate that she will utilise the membership to step out of her comfort zone and challenge herself to be her best.

Melbourne Scholarships in 2017 will be in the categories of:

For details about each



Kristy Ashton, behind closed doorsFor scholarship enquiries, please contact Kristy Ashton, behind closed doors Scholarships  Manager on 08 8333 4303 or email

For enquiries of how you can obtain a behind closed doors membership, please contact us on 08 8333 4303 or email