Susan Raphael

Facilitator, Executive Assistants, Adelaide

Focussed on developing people and organisations to meet today’s challenges, Susan brings warmth and focus to her work in people development. Susan is the Principal Consultant of her own business, Susan Raphael Consulting that she has operated for the past 10 years. Previously she worked in a diversity of management roles within the government and education sector. She has worked and lived both interstate in Tasmania and overseas in Singapore and Korea; these experiences have provided a deep appreciation of diversity and transformation. Most recently Susan was the People and Organisational Development Manager for an international company in Seoul. While overseas she also completed a master’s degree in Organisational Development. She is committed to engaging staff and boosting individual and organisational performance by collaborative ways that fit within a diversity of contexts.

Susan works from an Appreciative Inquiry perspective that is collaborative and begins with what people already have that is positive and goes from there to help develop and maximise opportunities for them to create and sustain their best lives. Working with individuals, teams and organisations in a diversity of roles, Susan trains and facilitates individuals and groups in a focussed and structured way that ensures positive outcomes that stretch and support reflection and renewal to enable people to have fun whilst learning from each other to achieve their objectives.

Susan brings extensive experience in management, training, facilitation, program and organisational reviews, writing and cultural competence. She is committed to supporting and people with practical, sustainable and collaborative strategies related to all aspects of people and relationships in workspaces. She is passionate about promoting creative and outcome focussed learning opportunities that enable people to flourish as they continue to see things from new positions, to change attitudes, to learn new skills, to accomplish goals and to move towards new possibilities into the future.