How to Turn Your Failures into Stepping Stones to Success 

Turn Failures to SuccessTaking risks when it comes to your career requires a lot of strength and determination. It’s not easy to just grab the reins and go for it. To take a risk and then fail could give you second thoughts on continuing with your plan to career success.

For women, it can be especially intimidating. Studies show that women process failure differently than men. Since a woman’s sensory perception is stronger, it can take quite an emotional toll. As such, it’s important to use this experience as a source of motivation, and not a reason to give up.

Turn Failures Into Success

Change Your Mindset

One thing is certain: failure is a fact of life and a learning experience. It’s best not to see failures as negatives. When you approach anything new with the proper mindset, you can make good use of your failures to create the perfect stepping stones that lead to success.

When you experience failure, it’s important to reflect. You’re entitled to feel different emotions. Allow yourself the time to process everything including lessons learned and what you will do differently next time, so that you can come back stronger and more motivated than before.

Accept and Learn from It

Every successful person has dealt with failure—even the world’s most successful businessmen and businesswomen have encountered it at some point. There are and will always be obstacles in your career, running your own business and in life. Learning to accept this lets you prepare and avoid being oblivious to the challenges you will face. Treat the failures as learning experiences so that you don’t make the same mistakes again in the future.

Give Yourself Time 

You may have acted too quickly the first time, resulting in a poorly-made decision leading to a big mistake. It’s natural to want to get started on your new strategy and endeavour as quickly as possible or quickly finish a certain task. To avoid making the same mistake again, review all the pros and cons and check every important detail before you move forward. It’s important to take the mistake you made into account, set a realistic deadline and determine a Plan B so that you can be well prepared the second time around.

Talk About It 

You don’t want to reveal your ideas to just anyone, but sometimes talking about your strategy and tactics can help you see other perspectives which can be useful for gaining success. Having a mentor or ‘trusted advisor’ can help guide you. They will be able to share other points of view that you may not have previously considered. This could help you to understand what went wrong and what went well so you can make the appropriate changes and determine different approaches.

Stay Positive

Even if a particular endeavour ended in failure, learn from it, analyse reasons why and try again using alternative approaches and market testing. Instead of being discouraged, you should consider the effort you gave, the preparations you made, and have an optimistic outlook. You may have failed the first time but at least you were able to successfully take the needed steps for taking risks—this tells you that you have the capacity to succeed once you try again. You made a bold move, which took a lot of courage. 

Having a positive mindset lets you think more clearly; dwelling on your errors will only result in demotivation, rendering you emotionally incapable of moving forward. And without moving forward and trying again, there’s a lost opportunity of gaining success in that particular endeavour or task.


Gain fresh inspiration from others, may it be from your trusted friends, mentors, or colleagues. Successful female entrepreneurs or career women will tell you that they have encountered failures and committed mistakes on their way to gaining success. What did they do? What did they learn? What insights can they share with you? These are the things you can learn when you network with the right people—those who share your values and ideals, who have encountered and learned from their mistakes, and have used their experience and turned failure into a way to attain success.

By building a strong network, you can help each other through shared advice, experiences, and expertise. You can make new friendships and form strong business connections you can use to gain more leads or make great partnerships for your business. 

You’re an Inspiration

When you follow through with your goals and dreams, you inspire other women to do the same. Believe it or not, they will look up to you even if you fail. You took a risk and went through with it. By staying on the right path, you have a chance to become the strong business or career woman you’ve always wanted to be.

At Behind Closed Doors, we connect you with fellow businesswomen who have dealt with (and successfully overcome) many of the same obstacles that you currently face. Through our networking, mentorship, events, and other resources, we help women help and support other women strive to become better leaders and successful businesswomen and elevate one another in terms of professional development. Want to know more about how we can help you? Please don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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