4 Reasons Why Positive Leadership Will Help You Run A More Successful Business In 2019

Donny LeadershipDid you know that one of the top deal breakers for employees is the boss not trusting them? According to data compiled by Bamboo HR, another top reason, is the boss blaming employees for mistakes.

Your relationship with your employees is a huge factor in retaining top talent and sustaining a profitable business. These statistics demonstrate the importance for business owners and executives to understand and activate positive leadership. 

What is positive leadership?

Positive leadership isn’t just leading with a glass-half-full attitude. It actually refers to something quite specific. Financial Times defines positive leadership not in terms of something it is but something it does.

“Positive leadership uses scientific evidence and theoretically-grounded principles to promote outcomes such as thriving at work, interpersonal flourishing, virtuous behaviours, positive emotions, and energising networks.”

Positive emotions and energising networks are all very well. But do they have a tangible effect on business performance? Learning & Development expert Gina Brooks says they do. If you can breed positivity from the top down, she says, “statistically, your business can and will perform better.” 

4 reasons why positive leadership means kicking business goals in 2019

1. Positive leadership inspires and rewards success

Positive leadership has an “affirmative bias”.  It’s designed to enable and facilitate growth, motivation and success. That’s not to say that obstacles and challenges are ignored – far from it. A positive leader is also a problem-solver, but their approach is led by what works, not what doesn’t.

Positive leaders don’t just reward success, thereby boosting morale and encouraging further success; they also inspire success purely by focusing on the positive. Studies have shown that people are more likely to improve their performance by looking at what went right, rather than what went wrong. This is called The Heliotropic Effect. 

2. Positive leadership breeds a positive and productive workforce

According to this report by Inc.com: “In a positive workplace, people focus on what’s right and what’s possible–rather than being dragged down by idolising problems and polarising politics.” Positive leadership cultivates a positive mindset within the team, which has been shown to improve productivity. 

Positive leaders are also excellent at delegating, because they do so on the basis of the individual strengths of others. Rather than micro-managing, they provide coaching and development opportunities, so that their team members feel confident, well-equipped and valued. 

Positive leaders also practice positive communication, which reinforces desirable thoughts, beliefs and motivations.

“A positive leader creates an environment that nurtures all the good things in your organisation. They represent and support resilience, optimism, and gratitude”. Gina Brooks

3. Positive leadership breaks down barriers

Let’s take another look at what Inc.com said about focusing on “what’s right and what’s possible”. A positive workforce is driven by the recognition of the possible. Their professional environment is one in which more possibilities exist. When anything is possible, barriers to success cease to exist. 

Positive leadership eliminates the counterproductive tendency to think, “I/we can’t.” Positive leaders have a growth mindset, which allows them to take more risks, to be more creative and develop better solutions. 

4. Positivity improves your bottom line

The key question in any business decision: does positive leadership actually improve the bottom line? Aside from the inevitable financial benefits that come about as a result of having a happier, more productive workforce, the answer is yes. 

The William Davidson Institute conducted research on this and compared the turnover growth expectations of more than 100 business owners and managers, with actual outcomes. The study, which ran for a year, showed that “entrepreneurial optimists” do see higher profits than their pessimistic equivalents.

Can you introduce more positivity into your leadership?

Facilitating growth and inspiring success. A positive and productive workforce. An attitude of boundless possibility. An improved bottom line. These are the aspirational ideals of many business owners or executives.

How many of these are in effect on a day to day basis? The stresses and strains of life in business can erode our desire to focus on the positive, if we’re not careful. That’s only natural. Right now, at the start of a new year, it’s time to renew your commitment to proactive positive leadership and look forward to the benefits it can bring.  

If you’re looking for advice on positive leadership, consider getting in touch with an organisation which provides leaders with support, challenging conversations and networking. Behind Closed Doors can provide you with the right kind of peer coaching, mentorship and professional development, to help drive your success.

We would be interested in your feedback and stories on how positive leadership has helped you in your career. 

Warmly, Donny

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