5 Tips to Supercharge Your Brand’s Social Media Profile

Social Media Profile TipsSocial Media is currently the platform to getting your business on the map. A great social media profile can be a brand’s lifeline – it improves brand recognition, which subsequently results in increased inbound traffic, higher conversion rates, richer customer experiences and insights, and therefore more brand loyalty. To achieve all this and more, your social media profile needs to stand out from the crowd and continually engage your audience through meaningful interactions. Here are 5 tips to supercharging your brand’s social media profile:

1. Share Your Story

Whether you are branding yourself or your business, you will need a biography that is catchy and informative. People are keen in reading stories and so narrating your story will not only help them relate to you and your brand but also keep them interested in what you have to say. If you’re looking to grow your personal brand, you can share your background and past achievements while talking about your interests and future aspirations. Do the same when it comes to making your brand personable and make sure that you are aligning the shared information with your social media branding goals so you know that you are putting out the right messaging.

2. Think Twice, Speak Once

If you don’t already know, nothing that goes on the web ever gets deleted. So, if you don’t want to post something that you might come to regret, it’s certainly wise to think twice before posting anything. Justine Sacco was at the receiving end of this when she irresponsibly tweeted, “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!” She went on to become the number one worldwide trending topic on Twitter, albeit for a terrible reason. The consequence of this one tweet cost her a job while facing intense backlash from worldwide media. When you upload anything, keep in mind that you are talking to an audience that spans different cultures, languages and values and that no content is truly private. Something that may seem inoffensive to you could easily offend others and on social media, a single mistake can be quickly picked up which could turn out to be very costly. It’s certainly good practice to think twice before posting and if you are really not sure about what you should post, it’s best to consult a social media expert.

3. Engage in Conversations

Don’t be afraid to join in ongoing conversations and share your opinions because someone out there may value your expert advice or experience. This helps build your brand’s reputation amongst other people in the conversation, highlighting the value that you bring to the table. These conversations will also give you direct insight into the minds of your target audience, helping you understand their interests so as to better tailor content that would appeal to them. By engaging in conversations with your followers, you are adding value for them to stay connected with you and when you need to, start your own conversations.

4. Spread Positivity

People today have enough to worry about in their own lives, so why not use your brand as a source of positiveness for them. Positive and encouraging content will always be welcome by audiences and make them want to stay connected with you. There are many sites, such as BrainyQuote, that can quickly provide you with inspiring words to share so be generous in communicating wonderful news whether it is in relation to your brand or simply with the purpose of making someone who is connected with you on social media smile.

5. Stay Active

Once the initial excitement of your new social media profiles has died down, the key is to ensure that you maintain a healthy level of activity on these sites. Otherwise, followers will quickly forget about you if they don’t see new content and if your pages remain static. Staying active also does not mean you should continuously flood your audience with content as this may drive them away. Think about what your target audiences are interested in, what they want to see and share, and post updates accordingly that cater to their interests. You can even plan out the type and frequency of content to ensure regular and relevant posts.

Brands are increasingly seeking ways to gain an online social media presence as a way of promotion and your brand should be too. Keeping in mind these tips while building your social media presence will help give your profile the exposure it needs while ensuring constant engagement with your audience, effectively supercharging your brand’s profile. If you have more tips to share, we’d love to hear them.


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