Annette Watkins

Program Director, Perth

Annette Watkins, behind closed doors facilitatorAnnette has led a varied career. Her flexibility and interest in identifying innovation has lead to roles in general management, recruitment, communication strategies, business sustainability and training program development, management and delivery.

Annette’s experience spans across the public and commercial sectors. She is enthusiastic and thrives on a challenge. Her entrepreneurial spirit has driven her to take on several exciting opportunities during her career in Australia and overseas. Annette has developed an exceptional background in people and project management and has a professional style based on excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Annette has worked in the resource sector for 18 years, in several management roles as well as establishing and operating two companies in the sector that explored innovations in renewable energy.

Her flexibility and diversity is further demonstrated in her most recent role as an academic. Annette was invited to join a Western Australian Business School and in this role has undertaken research in business sustainability, which has lead to paper presentations at several overseas conferences. Annette has also been recognized with several awards for innovation and excellence in a relatively short period of two years in the role.

Annette has a Bachelor of Economics and Politics, Master of Business Administration and her PhD focuses on business sustainability. Annette is also qualified as a Trainer and owns her own Registered Training Organisation. Annette is an editor for an international business journal, an author of a Business Communication book and a member of the Association of Business Communication (International).

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