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BCD Connect is a service designed for those that prefer to meet online due to regional, rural or remote location or time restrictions.

Meet fellow group members and your Facilitator online over 8 sessions per annum for 2 hourly Zoom video calls.  These sessions allow you the opportunity to discuss and work through real business challenges and strategies with other participants.

Unique Peer Group Coaching and Mentoring

How often do you have the opportunity to meet with people who have walked in your shoes, who can offer constructive, unbiased feedback and a different perspective to solving the most challenging business issues and strategies? BCD Connect member sessions are designed to tackle real business issues by tapping into the powerhouse knowledge in the group to generate new insights, ideas and solutions.

Members support each other to be more effective in their careers and businesses, and provide the tools to expand and grow. This is time invested outside of the business thinking about the business on a strategic level and can deliver insights and light bulb moments as well as offering assistance with operational and life issues, professional development, coaching and mentoring, business and networking opportunities.

Member considerations

Group members are personally assigned to groups based on their experience, and personal and professional needs.  We’ll also ensure you do not have any industry conflicts, giving you the peace of mind to express yourself openly and honestly at each session.  Additionally, we will accommodate your wishes if you prefer to be in a group with  no other business women from the same regional, rural or remote area.

Group Facilitators

Our Facilitators are experienced in a wide variety of business and industry sectors, and are able to guide and challenge you to think creatively about your organisation, business, and career.  Each group has the same Facilitator for each session.

Members are placed into a group of a maximum 10 women – each from a different and non-conflicting industry sector – providing a powerful round table peer group sounding board.

BCD Connect membership includes:

  • 8 sessions per annum, delivered via Zoom video call over 2 hours each session
  • Membership delivered online – regional, rural or remote participants don’t have to miss out
  • Facilitation of peer coaching and mentoring sessions by highly skilled, respected and experienced business people
  • Opportunity to discuss professional and personal challenges and strategies in a supportive women’s forum
  • Intimate and confidential environment, with no industry conflicts or regional conflicts
  • No other professional development network provides the total package that we do
  • Listing on BCD BoardDirect – Directory of board ready businesswomen
  • Access to Board opportunities
  • Profile listing on BCD National Membership Directory
  • Build networks amongst high profile business men and women, nationwide
  • Opportunity to be featured on BCD social media channels to assist with personal branding
  • Access to BCD member only website portal including forum, resources, and Member Directory

Members of BCD Connect are provided with:

  • Access to a confidential professional women’s support network
  • Opportunities to coach and mentor peers to accept greater professional challenges
  • An avenue for appropriate, challenging, cross industry, experiential learning from a group of outstanding business people
  • Opportunity to keep abreast of legislation, business issues and challenges, governance and best practice

BCD Connect Membership Framework

  • 8 sessions per annum beginning February 2020.  Members may join at any time during the year.  Your membership commences from the month you join.
  • Different categories of membership include:  Executives, Managers/Emerging Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
  • Each session is two hours over Zoom video call
  • Dates and times of sessions advised upon registration
  • Each group capped at 10 members


  • Minimum 12 month membership payable monthly or annually.  $3,500 + GST
  • Additional 1-to1 coaching available at additional cost upon request
  • Email us for more details info@behindcloseddoors.com or call for a confidential chat (08) 8333 4303

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