BCD – Entrepreneurs Masterclass

Sheree Sullivan

Bringing female business owners and entrepreneurs together to share experiences, develop networks and receive support and mentoring in a welcoming and relaxed environment.


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BCD Entrepreneurs Masterclass

The behind closed doors (BCD) Entrepreneurs Masterclass is a series of four workshops offered exclusively to female entrepreneurs, business owners and directors with employees.Each year the program will focus on key areas for the business and its female owner. The first set of topics will include:

  •   Financial Nous with Marisa Schulze
  •   Succession Planning with Sheree Sullivan
  •   Marketing, Scaling and Growth with Kelly Jamieson
  •   Protecting your business and yourself with David Steel

To offer deep content and maximum continuity, Facilitator Kylie Bishop and subject matter experts, will facilitate different sessions during the program. This is an exclusive opportunity to hear real experiences from business leaders and entrepreneurs who are willing to share their insights, failures, and tips for success with you.

The group will have open and engaging discussions, and there will be time to identify key takeaways, action plans and accountability options for each member.

Unique Peer Mentoring

How often do you have the opportunity to sit down with your business peers – people who have walked in your shoes, who can offer constructive, unbiased feedback and a different perspective to solving the most challenging leadership and business ownership issues? BCD meetings are not another networking event, it is a peer working session where real business issues are tackled by tapping into the powerhouse knowledge in the room to generate new insights, ideas and solutions.

Members support each other to be more effective in their business and provide the tools to expand and grow. This is time invested outside of the business thinking about the business on a strategic level and can deliver insights and “light bulb” moments as well as offering assistance with operational and life issues, professional development, mentoring, business and connecting/networking opportunities, and support with nominating for awards and attaining board positions.

Meet Adelaide Entrepreneur Member Sheree Sullivan of The Udder Delights Group who tells about the support and value she has received from being a BCD member for a number of years whilst her business went through an amazing transformation.

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To hear direct from other BCD members, take a look at our member video testimonials as they share the value and benefits of their BCD membership journey..

Meet Adelaide Executive Member Marie Sulda, Kaliedoscopic Travel, who won a 2016 Scholarship and has seen first hand the power of the peer mentoring.

Members are placed into a group of a maximum 10 business women – each from a different and non-conflicting industry sector – providing a powerful round table peer group sounding board.

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Members of behind closed doors Entrepreneurs Masterclass are provided with:

  • 4 x 3 hour session 9:30am – 12:30pm on a Wednesday
  • Sessions facilitated by high profile Business leaders:
  • Subject matter experts presenting on focussed business topics: Marissa Schulze, Sheree Sullivan, Kelly Jamieson and David Steel
  • A confidential and safe environment to discuss experiences and challenges with like-minded women
  • Models for future business success and growth
  • High levels of accountability
  • Real life experience, knowledge sharing, and opportunities for personal development
  • Allocated time to work “on” the business rather than “in” it
  • A chance to be inspired to take action to deliver better business
  • Connections, collaboration and networking

“We need to unlock a vital source of growth that can power our economics in the decades to come. And that vital source of growth is women.”

-Hilary Clinton

Group Framework

  • Four Wednesday sessions:
    • 27 November 2019; 26 February 2020; 27 May 2020; 26 August 2020
  • Three hours 9:30am – 12:30pm
  • Venue: LBW Co, 184 Magill Rd, Norwood, South Australia
  • Each Group is capped at 10 members
  • Investment – Contact us today for details

“We are not what we know but what we are willing to learn”
-Mary Catherine Bateson

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