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Wellness Membership with Sally J Rundle

Make 2017 the year to invest in YOU with Dr Sally Rundle’s Executive Over Dinner Wellness Membership.

behind closed doors Executive Over Dinner is an invitation only membership exclusively for high level businesswomen, make 2017 the year to invest in your wellbeing. This exclusive membership consists of 4 x Executive Over Dinner meetings to be held at Vileroy Restaurant in Adelaide on April 13, July 6, September 14 and November 23 2017 from 6pm-9pm.

Facilitated by Dr Sally Rundle, Consultant, Facilitator and Coach, the  Wellness Membership sessions will be themed on the topics of wellbeing, stress and performance.

Capped at 15 members, participants must commit to attend all four meetings to participate in the exclusive behind closed doors Wellness Membership.

Session 1: Wednesday 3 May 2017  – Wellbeing is a skill

An overview of the link between wellbeing on success, creativity and happiness. Research shows that we each have a ‘wellbeing set point’ and by building habits of mind, body and heart we are able to shift it upwards. Learn about the physiological factors of stress, particularly the impact on your hormones, nerves and how this can erode your wellbeing. Based on contemporary research from neuroscience and positive psychology, the session will offer practical skills for cultivating a positive mindset. We will share with you how to train your brain to nudge yourself back to the positive and be more present in the face of uncertainty.

Session 2: Thursday 6 July 2017 –  Feelings matter: The power of our emotions

Explore the emotional life of your brain and how emotions drive your behaviours. Using the latest mindfulness research, see the connection between positive emotions and increased wellbeing, engagement and resilience. Using simple energy techniques, we will look at ways for clearing emotional blocks and relinquishing difficult thoughts, staying open to possibility, and regaining your clarity.

Session 3: Thursday 14 September 2017 – The heart of the matter: Connecting with your heart’s intelligence

This session examines the role of our heart intelligence and wellbeing. Based on leading edge research by the HeartMath Institute in the USA, it shows how heart coherence can help accelerate physical healing and renewal, strengthen your intuition and help in managing emotional turbulence. Using heart focused techniques, we will explore how it possible to shift your own mood and vibration to feel better in yourself, and directly impact on those around you and beyond.

Session 4: Thursday 23 September 2017 – Your energy edge: Renewing and rebalancing your vitality

You will focus on the connection between your energy and wellbeing. Based on the emerging field of Energy Medicine it explores new ways to keep your energies clear and balanced for optimal health. Examine how you can lose energy in stressful environments and how to get it back. We will play with a daily energy routine that is simple to use and learn. It is invaluable for keeping your energy humming and your immune system balanced and strong.

Meet Your Facilitator: Dr Sally Rundle

Sally Rundle Wellness MembershipFor the past 25 years, Sally has been a consultant, facilitator and coach in the corporate world. She has an international career working with over 5,000 leaders and managers in a diverse range of industries across 20 countries.

Sally’s expertise is global leadership, cross-cultural collaboration, changing mind-sets and increasing leadership capability for tackling complexity and change.

Her approach is whole person development which encompasses achieving new levels of mastery in thinking, learning, emotional intelligence, communication, intuition and behavioural styles. She applies this approach with leadership teams, key talent, current and future global leaders to build dynamic and adaptive organisation cultures.

Sally’s Value Offering:

  • Sponsorship of global mindset through assessing capability to develop core competencies required for global leadership and effective intercultural engagement, particularly in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Design and facilitation of leadership programs to increase skills in collaborative capacity, external perspective, cognitive complexity and mindfulness.
  • Leadership coaching to prepare individuals to rise to the complexity and challenges of their work and life through helping them build agile minds.
  • Energy management programs focusing on tools and practices for strengthening and sustaining physical, emotional and mental stamina and vitality.

Qualifications and Tools:

  • PhD – International Management
  • Postdoctoral certificate – Energy Medicine
  • Master of Education
  • Bachelor of Science, (Psychology)
  • Conversant Facilitator and Coach – (Conversations)
  • Accredited HeartMath Institute Coach – (Stamina and Wellbeing)
  • Accredited Leadership Values Coach and Facilitator
  • Accredited HBDI Individual/team profiling (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument)
  • Accredited Coach and Profiler (PIPS, Profiling Instruments of Potential Succession)
  • Current accreditation, LDMA (Lectical Decision Making Measurement)

Group Framework

  • Four sessions
  • Three hours over dinner from 6pm – 9pm
  • Sessions to be held at Vileroy, 27 Kensington Road, Norwood
  • Membership capped at 15 members
  • Members must commit to attend all four sessions
  • Investment – $2,000 plus GST with quarterly payment option.

Contact us today to register for this exclusive Invitation Only Membership.


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