Aunty Eunice AstonAs Corporate Australia work towards equality in Senior Executive and Board roles, behind closed doors (BCD) is providing a pathway for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women to join the pool of candidates ready to step into these roles.

Eight Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women have the opportunity to join BCD’s Executive membership for 12-months fully funded as part of a national scholarship campaign.

BCD’s scholarships seek not to provide an award to the most accomplished Executive, but rather an opportunity to an applicant that will benefit the most from the opportunity provided.

behind closed doors Founder and Managing Director, Donny Walford, said each 12-month scholarship will be awarded to a successful Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander female executive to further expand and challenge her leadership and governance practices.

“BCD Executive membership will provide Scholarship recipients with a professional sounding board and support network where they can discuss professional and personal issues, challenges and strategies in a totally confidential environment while, at the same time, encourage other members to extend themselves to achieve and succeed in new environments,” Ms Walford said.

“Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community leaders play a vital role in our society, we are honoured to offer respected leaders this opportunity to join our Executive membership to allow them, and the women around the table with them, an opportunity for growth.”

Each Scholarship, valued at $7,500 + GST each, will provide recipients access to professional development, peer to peer mentoring, and networking opportunities with some of Australia’s most influential and leading businesswomen in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Members meet with a highly respected and accomplished BCD Facilitator and Program Director for three hours, eleven times a year, for peer to peer mentoring, professional development and networking with like-minded businesswomen. Outside of this further professional development, networking and mentorship opportunities are provided to members amongst the wider BCD community at a national level.

BCD awarded an Inaugural Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Executive Adelaide Scholarship to Aunty Eunice Aston, a Ngarrindjeri woman with traditional ties to all communities within the Ngarrindjeri Nation, in 2016.

In addition to being the Ngarrindjeri Regional Authority Chairperson, Aunty Eunice also runs Ninkowar Inc, a community led support service supporting other Ngarrindjeri women.

Aunty Eunice Aston described the membership as “an opportunity of a life time” to meet with like-minded women from diverse workforce areas.

“Being a part of BCD has provided me with confidence in decision making, clarity of purpose, mentorship and support. BCD enables and empowers women from all walks of life to meet their aspirations both personally and professionally.” Aunty Eunice Aston said.

“BCD has enabled and empowered me as a Ngarrindjeri Woman Leader and Elder to stand firm and hold clarity before making decisions in community collaboration and negotiations. After each meeting I feel empowered, strong in body and mind.”

Following the receipt of an $100,000 Australian Government Grant from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Office for Women under the Women’s Leadership and Development Strategy (WLDS), BCD has expanded the Scholarships in 2017 providing the opportunity to two women each in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

To apply for one of the Scholarships, applicants need to submit a CV and 1000-word response to the eligibility criteria. Applicants will be shortlisted to panel interviews and recipients announced at a BCD Connexions Networking event in their capital city.

To apply or nominate an Executive Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander woman for a 12-month fully funded BCD membership – find out more details below.

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Issued by: Penny Reidy, Marketing Manager, Behind Closed Doors, 0401 349 791