Developing A Leadership Mindset

We know that the quality of leadership along with the decisions you make, can determine the success of your team or organisation – for better or for worse.  But have you given much thought to your leadership mindset and how it can affect your organisation?

What is a leadership mindset?

As you know, your mindset is your mental attitude which in turn determines your overall behaviour.  There are two kinds of mindsets – one which prevents growth while the other allows you and your organisation to succeed and prosper.  But which one are you?

Leaders with a fixed mindset

  • Do you tend to avoid challenges?
  • Are you more concerned with how you come across to others than making mistakes?
  • Do you feel threatened by your more successful colleagues or counterparts?

If this sounds like you, then chances are you are inhibiting yourself and your success in some way, as well as limiting the progress and the achievements of others.  Attaining less than your full potential is not beneficial when it comes to being a strong leader.

Leaders with a growth mindset

  • Do you love a challenge?
  • Are you willing to make mistakes in order to learn and grow?
  • Do you learn from the successes of others?

If this sounds like you then you have the ability to advance and achieve great victories.  Those under you will find you motivational and can learn a lot from the way in which you run your business.

Being able to lead, even without knowing all the answers is a win-win for all.  Often as a leader we are learning on the spot and the need to embrace a challenge, while often difficult, is beneficial.

What is missing in your leadership mindset?

What is missing in your mindset?  Are you really able to lead?  Do you have the ability to take ownership of your position without any apology and be ready to take the lead when difficulties arise?  If you are afraid of being judged and constantly evaluated on your actions, then maybe this is an area which could do with more work.  You want to aim to be an authentic leader who can be a role model to others when the going gets tough.

Do you have a leader’s mindset or just a mindset about leading?

Too often leaders, when they get to the top, stop learning and the growth mindset shuts down reverting to a fixed mindset.  They stop wanting to learn how to become better leaders and are threatened by negative feedback.  The desire to be a leader is just not enough particularly in the changeable and often unpredictable business environment in which we work.

Are you excelling in your skills and giving away your weaknesses?  If so, give yourself a pat on the back.  If not, then you will need to work more on these skills and apply a bit more of an effort to do just that.

Great leaders are not necessarily born, they can be made.  Knowing this, is half the battle.


Ricky Nowak is a high energy and dynamic Certified Corporate Trainer, Workplace Assessor and Behind Closed Doors Facilitator whose 25 years of corporate experience makes training sessions come alive with real learning. She is passionate about developing authentic business leaders and inspires the participants to contribute comfortably as she connects and communicates naturally with them.

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