Emma Slape

Title: CEO
Company: Turner Real Estate

Telephone: 0423 881 120
Email: eslape@turnerrealestate.com.au

Bio: Emma Slape leads the team at Turner Real Estate with energy and passion, committed to company vision of providing client service that sets the organisation away from the crowd.  Actively involved in the day-to-day operations, Emma is always looking for new opportunities to keep evolving the business and setting new benchmarks for industry practices.

Prior to joining Turner Real Estate, Emma was the General Manager of the Real Estate Institute of SA where she was actively involved with Government to shape legislative change and develop best practice. She was also the head of media and communications at REISA, reflecting her time as a journalist and involved in communications.

Still very involved with industry as a whole, Emma is a Board member of the Real Estate Employer’s Federation and is involved with several consultative committees. Keen to give back to the community, she is also a long-term Board member of the South Australian charity, Time for Kids. She has previously served on several other Boards including the South Australian Tourism Industry Council and the Training and Business Services Industry Skills Board.


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