Entrepreneur Scholarship 2019: Adelaide and Perth *APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED*

Marie Sulda 2016 Entrepreneur Scholarship WinnerBCD’s Entrepreneur Scholarship program is not an Award for the best, most accomplished and impressive business woman, but rather a scholarship to provide an opportunity to a female looking for a challenge and avenue to grow and develop herself and her fellow members.

In 2019 BCD will offer an Entrepreneur Scholarship in Adelaide and Perth.

Applications for are now closed.

Entrepreneur Scholarship

The recipient of the Entrepreneur Scholarship will receive a 12-monthly fully funded BCD Entrepreneurs membership. Two Entrepreneur Scholarships will be awarded in 2019 one each in Adelaide and Perth.

Congratulations to 2018 recipients

About BCD Entrepreneurs Membership

The behind closed doors Entrepreneurs membership was created in response to a need for female business owners and entrepreneurs to have a support network where they can discuss strategies, issues and challenges in a totally confidential environment, while at the same time encourage each other to extend themselves further to achieve and succeed in their business ventures.

The membership aims to:

  • Deliver practical management and leadership sessions to generate more effective business owners and leaders.
  • Provide a confidential business owner’s support network.
  • Expand and broaden networks and business relationships.
  • Extend individuals personally and professionally.
  • Encourage and support members to nominate for Board and committee positions.
  • Mentor peers to accept greater business challenges.
  • Assist members to participate in awards programs such as the Telstra Business Women’s Awards.
  • Increase the expertise of female business owners and entrepreneurs.

What will the Entrepreneur Scholarship recipient receive?

The Entrepreneur Scholarship recipient will receive a 12-month membership to behind closed doors Entrepreneurs membership. Groups meet 10 times a year for a three-hour peer mentoring/coaching session at a Boardroom located on the premises of one of our supporters.  As a bcd Entrepreneur you will also receive:

  • Automatic inclusion into the BoardDirect register
  • Access to a select executive and business owners women’s network.
  • Professional and personal development in a stimulating environment.
  • Exposure and introductions to senior people in business and government.
  • Private sessions with local identities and guest speakers.
  • Opportunities to discuss strategies, issues and challenges in a supportive women’s forum.
  • Invitations to Businesswomen’s Connexions (network) functions.
  • Opportunities for Board Directorships.
  • Mentoring with a behind closed doors Executive group member.


behind closed doors Entrepreneurs is designed for female business owners and entrepreneurs who are leading a team of employees. To be eligible you must currently own and operate a small to medium size business, with a minimum turnover of $250,000 per annum, and can demonstrate:

  • Entrepreneurship and leadership ability
  • Why the scholarship will benefit you
  • How the scholarship will benefit your business




If you know someone that would benefit from a behind closed doors membership, why not nominate them today.

To nominate a business woman for a behind closed doors scholarship, please email the following four items to scholarship@behindcloseddoors.com

  • Name of the business woman you are nominating
  • Their Title/Company Name
  • Their Business contact details, including email and telephone number
  • Your name and contact details

We will let them know they have been nominated and request them to complete an application.

Finalist Interviews

Shortlisted finalists will be invited to present their eligibility to a panel of judges.

The 2019 panel interviews will take place November 19, 2019. Applicants must be available to attend panelist interviews in the location they are applying for: Perth or Adelaide.


The winner must be:

  • Open to receiving publicity for winning the Scholarship
  • Available to attend the public acknowledgement at a Connexions networking event:
    • Perth: TBC early 2020
    • Adelaide: November 21,5:30pm


For scholarship enquiries, or to enquire as to how you can obtain an Entrepreneurs membership, please contact Susan Williams, behind closed doors Scholarship Manager on 08 8333 4303 or email scholarship@behindcloseddoors.com