Executive Over Dinner – Quarterly Wellness with Dr Sally Rundle

behind closed doors Executive – Over Dinner is a membership exclusively for high level businesswomen to expand their knowledge and to share their vast amount of business experience within their peer group.

BCD Executive Over Dinner  – Quarterly Wellness with Dr Sally Rundle

Dr Sally Rundlebehind closed doors Executive Over Dinner is a membership exclusively for high level businesswomen to expand their knowledge and share their vast amount of business experience within their peer group.

Driven by demand from “time poor” Executives, the Over Dinner sessions were formed as an alternative to the Executive Membership.

The Quarterly Wellness Sessions are facilitated by Dr Sally Rundle, Consultant, Facilitator and Coach. The three hour over dinner wellness sessions are themed on the topics of wellbeing, stress and performance.

Session 1 – Gut Health, Food and Mood

3 May 2018 6:30pm – 9:30pm

How happy or grumpy is your gut and how does that impact you? New studies are coming out constantly that emphasize the importance of gut health. In this session, you will explore what is gut health, and the interplay between your gut, mind and overall health. It will bring together that latest thinking on how your gut communicates with your mind and body, and why this affects your weight, energy and mood. It will explore the healing power of foods and how changes in diet can positively impact to improve gut health, and mood.

Session 2 – Sleep, Rest and Restore

11 July 2018 6:30pm – 9:30pm

When did you last have a “clean” sleep, where you experienced deep, clear, uninterrupted sleep? This session focuses on the importance of sleep, rest and recovery to good health and wellbeing. It looks at contemporary research on what enhances and diminishes high quality sleep. It will explore a range of rejuvenation practices to build in recovery and rest through your day, to sustain your energy through the day, and sleep better at night.

Session 3 – The Mind-Body Connection

5 September 2018 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Have you ever considered that what happens in your mind affects your body and its immune system? The field of mind-body research is finding that thought patterns and emotions can contribute to imbalances in the body and health. This session focuses on the importance of our inner world of thoughts, feelings and outlook on our ability to build resilience, embrace change, heal our bodies, and cultivate wellbeing. It will explore different techniques and practices to cultivate and re-establish balance and promote health.

Session 4 – Healthy Brains

4 December 2018 6:30pm – 9:30pm

How important is maintaining your mental sharpness, clarity and balance throughout your life? This session will examine the latest research on healthy brains, and what measures make a difference in keeping our brains in shape, no matter what age we are. Research shows that we are able to change our brains to build new neurons and connections. However, environmental and mental stress can reduce and deplete our cognitive functioning. It will explore key habits and techniques to exercise, nourish, fuel and soothe your brain for health and optimum mental performance.

BCD Executive Over Dinner Wellness membership includes:

  • 4 x 3 hour sessions
  • Two course Dinner with wine at Chianti Restaurant
  • Unlimited access to national guest speaker sessions that deliver practical professional and personal management tools and skills.
  • Exclusive invitations to National Connexions networking events. With highly sought after guest speakers, Connexions Events include canapé’s and premium wines coupled with outstanding networking opportunities
  • Exclusive invitations to BCD member only networking events
  • Access to a national network of businesswomen
  • Listing on BCD Board Direct – Directory of board ready businesswomen
  • Access to unpublished Board and Executive appointments
  • Profile listing on BCD national membership directory
  • Exclusive opportunities to build networks amongst high profile business men and women
  • Exclusive invitations to high profile networking events
  • Opportunity to be featured on BCD Social Media channels to assist with personal branding
  • Access to BCD member only website portal including forum, resources, member directory and member only events
  • Exclusive BCD starter pack upon joining
  • *Coming soon – access to exclusive online learning portal

‘The case for greater gender balance is obvious for Australian leaders. The opportunity to leverage untapped talent, and the productivity imperative, means that gender should be on the national agenda for years to come. There is just no justification for not…“getting in the game”.’
Mike Smith, ANZ

BCD Executive Over Dinner Membership Framework

  • Four sessions per annum
  • Three hours over dinner 6:30pm to 9:30pm
  • Venue: Adelaide (Chianti Restaurant)
  • Capped at 12 members
  • Contact us today for details on how you can start your BCD journey today.

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