Financial Education for Women – Adelaide (face to face learning)

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Bringing women together to share experiences and knowledge, develop networks and receive support and mentoring in a peer group mentoring environment to make better financial decisions every day.


BCD Financial Education for Women Membership – Adelaide

The behind closed doors Financial Education for Women membership aims to assist women make better financial decisions, everyday…to have the life they dream of, now and in the future.

The new membership will build the financial capability of women to ensure greater economic security for both women and their families, now and into the future. Greater financial capability, including financial literacy, has a direct link with boosting women’s economic participation, including building women’s retirement incomes and savings.

High-quality financial capability education can make a significant difference to women’s lives. Our financial capability membership aims to assist women achieve financial wellbeing which in turn helps reduce vulnerability to financial stress and other problems.

The Financial Education for Women Membership will educate women seeking to improve their financial knowledge to understand and negotiate the financial landscape, manage money and financial risks effectively, and avoid financial pitfalls.

Looking after your finances is looking after yourself! Women will be planning for their future and setting financial goals to build their financial freedom. By taking control of their financials they will achieve financial independence.

Looking after your finances is looking after yourself!

behind closed doors Financial Education for Women (FEW) membership offers:

  • Sessions facilitated by high profile Businesswomen
  • A professional sounding board
  • Peer group mentoring/coaching and accountability
  • A totally confidential and safe environment to discuss challenges
  • Connections, relationships and networking
  • Personal development
  • High level of accountability
  • Action learning

Members informally mentor each other, improve their skills and knowledge and build their confidence and emotional intelligence.

Meet Your Facilitators

FEW Facilitators

behind closed doors has curated an impressive line-up of facilitators that includes:


Membership Topics for 2020

Members will meet for seven 3hr sessions over 10 months. Meetings will be held at the office of Rise High Financial Solutions, 279 Churchill Road Prospect, from 9:30am-12:30pm on a Saturday beginning in February 2020.

Module 1:
Goal Setting and the Scary Truth

Module 2:
The Harsh Reality – Your Current Financial Position

Module 3:
Forward Planning

Module 4:
Understanding Property investment

Module 5:
Understanding Shares and Superannuation

Module 6:
Protecting your Assets and Wealth

Module 7:
Your Financial Plan

Post Module Reviews:  2 x Review Sessions

Women will gain financial clarity on where they are currently, what they want to achieve and develop a plan to get there. They will be supported and held accountable to achieve their financial goals.

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