Fiona Dorman

Facilitator, Entrepreneurs 34 Adelaide

Fiona Dorman
I, Fiona Dorman, am fortunate to hold roles across a wide range of interests. As Business Manager of our personal Trust, these interests span a range of industries from water purification to software technology, recruiting to beverages and farming and agricultural interests.

In starting IT company EnterpriseLMS in 2016 with my business partner, Andrew Galdes, this start-up entrepreneurial venture has developed an easy-to-use proprietary software tool for non-technical people to do what most technicians struggle to perform; thus empowering educators to take control of their information and their intellectual property.

In 2012, I started The Part Time People (TPTP), a word-of-mouth recruitment company, specifically for people looking to contribute in the part-time and casual workforce.


Scientific Career
As CEO of Surgical Research Australia (2010 – 2012), we specialised in developing novel and clinically relevant orthopaedic surgical techniques, as well as testing new orthopaedic medical devices for the international multi-billion-dollar medical device industry.

As Vice President of Operations and Marketing at vivoPharm Pty Ltd (2006 – 2010), the company specialised in pre-clinical Oncology and novel drug therapy Development for the international oncology medical industry.

In my early career as Research Assistant, Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science, Adelaide, South Australia (2002-2006), I worked on an array of projects; from umbilical cord blood stem cell research for cancer therapeutic scenarios to Mesenchymal Stem Cell research in orthopaedic settings.

In an area I love, I work as a Traffic Reporter for the Australian Traffic Network as a broadcaster and Presenter for multi-media including commercial radio and television. I am also fortunate to have contributed over may years as an Announcer and Panel Operator at RPH Adelaide 1197am (Vision Australia).

Behind Closed Doors
As a Facilitator for a Behind Closed Doors’ Entrepreneurs Group, I am humbled to lead discussion of a group of inspirational, motivated, intelligent and fierce women! In delving into the challenges of business and work-life, together we dissect and problem solve so that we can break down barriers and climb new mountains in our businesses.

Not For Profit and Volunteer Roles
I believe that giving back and using your time, knowledge and skills for the betterment of your local community and extended community makes a far-reaching difference.  Following in my mother’s footsteps in her commitment to volunteering, I whole-heartedly believe that belonging matters, giving what you can, matters and makes a difference and that we are stronger and can achieve great things if we work together.

It is with this foundation that, more than a decade ago, I began my journey as a volunteer with the Asian Women’s Consultative Council SA, National Council of Women SA and RPH Adelaide 1197am (Vision Australia). I am grateful for these ongoing roles and the opportunity to contribute.

Volunteer Roles include:

  • Asian Women’s Consultative Council Member, 2005 to present
    • Committee Member 2005 – 2014
    • Secretary 2008 – 2010
  • National Council of Women SA Member, 2006 to present
    • Executive Council Member 2006 – 2008
    • Mass Media Adviser 2006 – 2008, 2016-November 2018
    • Newsletter Editor April 2018 – present
    • Vice President, November 2017 to November 2018
  • RPH Adelaide 1197am (Vision Australia), April 2007 – June 2016
    • News Radio Announcer and Panel Operator, April 2007 – June 2016
  • Torrens University (Laureate Australia), September 2017 – present
    • Human Research Ethics Committee