Internal Company Scholarships

The behind closed doors scholarship offers organisations the opportunity to provide an internal scholarship for their female executives and aspiring future leaders to further expand their leadership and management skills.

The case for gender diversity in the workplace is clear.  It’s good for business and there’s a strong body of research to support this. Organisations with the most gender-diverse Boards and Executive leadership teams produce better returns. They have increased competitive advantage, improved financial performance including greater Return on Equity and Return to Shareholders optimising the other 50% of the talent pool at a senior level.

When organisations examined why women weren’t making it to Executive level, one barrier surfaced time and time again – lack of mentoring and business support networks.

Due to demand from industry, BCD has now developed a scholarship to assist organisations in their efforts to promote, reward and recognise female team members as they compete to attract and retain female talent.

behind closed doors has successfully run Internal Scholarships for large corporations such as OZ Minerals and Beach Energy.

Benefits to Organisations

  • Business growth
  • Employees are more confident and therefore more effective leaders
  • Improved productivity
  • Ability to work on the business and improves strategic decision-making
  • Builds a higher profile and exposure in the market place
  • Builds personal and company brand and profile
  • Demonstrates to internal and external stakeholders that your organisation supports women in Executive roles. Supports professional development of key employees
  • Develops employee loyalty and commitment to the organisation
  • Members establish broad networks to improve business opportunities


Benefits to your Employees

The recipient(s) of the scholarship will also receive:

  • Automatic inclusion into the BoardDirect register
  • Access to a select executive and business owner’s women’s network
  • Professional and personal development in a stimulating environment
  • Exposure and introductions to senior people in business and government
  • Private sessions with local identities and guest speakers
  • Opportunities to discuss business and personal challenges and strategies in a supportive women’s forum
  • Invitations to Quarterly Businesswomen’s Connexions (networking) functions hosted and supported by Telstra and AIM.
  • Opportunities for Board Directorships

Measures of Success 

  • 47% of members have attained Board Directorships positions
  • 46% have received promotions
  • 25% have received awards e.g. Telstra Business Awards, Telstra Business Women’s Awards and Industry Awards

Your Investment

Your organisation will fund the winner of the behind closed doors scholarship for membership to a behind closed doors Executive (BCDE) valued at $7,500 plus GST ($9,000 in NSW) and/or a behind closed doors Luminaries (BCDL) valued at  $5,500 plus GST or behind closed doors Executive Assistants (BCDEA) valued at $3,500 plus GST (BCDE is for e.g. CEOs, GM’s, CFOs, CIOs, Partners, Directors i.e. Executives and BCD Luminaries is for the leaders of the future).

Additionally, if you choose to offer 4 x Scholarships, you will receive a complimentary Executive Assistant Membership valued at $3,500 plus GST.

The membership’s objectives aim to:

  • Provide a confidential Executive Women’s support network
  • Encourage and support members to nominate for Board positions and Chairman roles
  • Mentor peers to accept greater professional challenges and roles
  • Provide an avenue for appropriate, challenging, executive (or management) level, cross industry, experiential learning from a group of outstanding businesswomen.
  • Creating a virtual Board scenario where issues/challenges can be tabled with a high calibre, invaluable and diverse sounding board, in a strictly confidential environment.
  • Assist members to participate in Award programs such as the Telstra Business Women’s Awards
  • Deliver professional development sessions to extend members personally and professionally
  • Executive members deliver a mentoring opportunity for aspiring future female leaders

Scholarship Options

You have the option to conduct the scholarship process yourself or our BCD National Scholarships Director can manage the process for you, making it a totally independent process. Our National Scholarships Director will:

  • Prepare the scholarship criteria and timelines
  • Collate the scholarship applications and shortlist the top six candidates
  • Facilitate the process for the judging panel to interview the final candidates
  • Facilitate the judging and prepare the questionnaire.  Attend as the independent judge and scribe
  • Co-ordinate the scholarship announcement including PR through print and social media

Scholarship Consulting Fee

If you elect to utilise our National Scholarships Director to conduct the scholarship process for your organisation, the fee will be $3,000 plus GST.

Alternatively you may wish to run the process yourself and have our Scholarship Director attend the final interviews.  The fee will be $200 plus GST per hour.

Kendy Beal Business Director


For more details and to find out if an Internal Scholarship program is right for your organisation, contact National Business Director – Kendy Beal


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