Jade Meara, Emerging Leaders in Sydney

Jade Meara was always fascinated in tech and computers since a young age and always knew she’d end up working in that field. Jade also loved all the creativity, challenge and speed of a marketing career, which she had already commenced, but she was marketing non-IT products. When given the opportunity to join a company marketing enterprise-grade IT and software, she took the opportunity, even though it meant a significant pay cut and step down a title grade to do so. Within months, the move paid off and Jade was promoted to Group Marketing Executive and running her own team of marketers.

Jade Meara’s Career Journey + Biggest Challenges:
Jade loves the speed and pace of change in her role, and the fact that tech is still a very “human” industry. “Everything we offer has to cater to people, and it is also is a fascinating ecosystem of businesses and people in itself. I love building networks and communities, and the IT industry allows me to do that.”

Due to the pace and speed of change in tech, projects can be highly unpredictable, and tech marketers are often under resourced. “We have to be nimble and resourceful – to be able to perform 180 degree turns quickly with minimum impact to the business.”

Jade Meara’s Advice for Women in Business:
“I think careers are as individual as the individual themselves. Attempting to apply a cookie-cutter, one-size fits all approach to career development often doesn’t work. Trying to emulate what worked for one successful female won’t necessarily work for another. So hence 1:1 mentoring and coaching are very important.”

The best advice Jade has received is ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’  “that is, always think big picture. It’s important to take note and care of details, especially as a marketer, but don’t ever lose sight of the overall objective you and your company are trying to achieve.” This advice helped Jade to remain focussed on her goals, be hard working, not get distracted by office gossip, politics and superfluous details.

Jade Meara’s Behind Closed Doors Experience:
BCD has given Jade individual, tailored coaching in a safe, non-judgemental environment with like-minded professional women. “It is essential women have this safe, neutral space to discuss their current challenges, both personal and professional. It’s helped me to become more objective about my career and also personal goals and to plan to succeed – not just react to situations that occur.”

“Much like your finances, education and your health: your career is complicated, highly susceptible to outside factors, and ever-evolving. There’s nothing but upside in seeking professional help, coaching and advice from peers tailored to your particular situation on a regular basis. Also, it’s a great chance to make friends and network with women just like you, who may come from all walks of life, different companies and industry sectors.”

Jade Meara’s Top Three Business Book Recommendations:
Having recently commenced my role as Head of Marketing at F5 Networks, I enjoyed:

  1. The First 90 Days by Michael D. Watkins provides a good blueprint and approach for how to tackle any new leadership role.
  2. Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni is useful for diagnosing problematic attitudes and traps to productivity in teamwork.

Finally, whilst not strictly a business book:

  1. Blink by Malcolm Gladwell is a great insight into unconscious bias and the concept of “thin slicing” – or many of us know as “gut feel”: something leaders harness in business daily.

The leadership that Jade aspires to, is “a well-rounded leader, someone who is driven by success but also who genuinely takes the welfare of their employees, the environment and wider community seriously and to heart.”

Jade Meara was the recipient of a behind closed doors scholarship in 2018 providing her with a 12-month fully funded membership to a Sydney behind closed doors peer mentoring and coaching membership group.

If you’re looking for advice, support and a network to help you build your leadership skills, Behind Closed Doors can provide you with the right kind of support and peer coaching and mentorship to help you navigate the future of your career.

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