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Kate RushDo you work in an executive role for a Non-Profit or NGO organisation? Are you looking to expand your knowledge and to build genuine, supportive business connections.

Applications are now open for the 2018 Executive NFP Scholarship for Adelaide and Sydney, submissions close on Tuesday 23rd October.

For a greater understanding of what it means to be the recipient of our Executive NFP Scholarship, we spoke to 2017 scholarship recipient, Kate Rush who is the Head of Disability and Mental Health Services at AnglicareSA. 

Kate is a values driven person who thrives on the opportunity to work with others and who shares a passion for contributing to the change we need as a society to create more inclusive, productive and equitable communities.

Kate Rush’s BCD Scholarship Experience: 

I was very humbled by receiving the behind closed doors NFP Executive scholarship. It has provided me with an opportunity to engage with an incredible network of women, to reflect on the way our challenges are often similar despite the very different places we work, and to use goal setting in my career more effectively.

behind closed doors has helped to bring focus to my professional goals and be in a space where you can regularly consider the views of a range of other trusted, professional and inspiring women. I’d like to continue to build my skills around coaching others, which you can develop in the peer mentoring space behind closed doors offers. I really enjoy the networking events too.

Kate Rush’s Career Journey: 

A strong sense of purpose has driven the way I have moved through different roles in my career. A big part of this is the ever-increasing need I see for leadership; in our communities and our workplaces. My current role as Head of Disability and Mental Health Services at AnglicareSA is a reflection of seeing an opportunity to contribute to leadership, particularly around strategy and vision, which I enjoy.

The non-profit business environment is changing significantly and this is challenging the identities and processes of not for profits, particularly through changes like the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). I enjoy this challenge though and see it as an opportunity to keep improving our effectiveness as an agency.

Kate Rush’s Advice for Women in Business: 

Some of the challenges I have faced include having to advocate from a women’s perspective, particularly in situations like being the only woman on a board. I have been surprised at times at the assumptions others have made about women’s perspectives, without taking time to hear them. My advice is to avoid getting defensive or frustrated, just build strong relationships and work with others to get the results you need.

At the end of the day, much of your success is up to you. I think a lot of leadership is about being the best version of yourself and using that as a platform for change. When you strengthen yourself, you strengthen your business.

Kate Rush’s Role Models:

There are a number of wonderful local women who have encouraged me along the way who I see as role models because they know how to keep their cool under pressure, and maintain their focus on the things that matter. From a distance, I also admire people like Penny Wong and Alan Joyce because they are not afraid to be political, they’re authentic and it’s nice to have some LGBT role models in my life too!

Kate Rush’s Top Three Business Book Recommendations: 

  1. Good to Great, Jim Collins. It’s an oldie but a goodie and the strategies he discusses remain relevant. Having a solid foundation and the right priorities makes a difference.
  2. Mastering Leadership: R Anderson & W Adams. Leadership is what I am passionate about and this book gives deep understanding on what is good leadership and how it can improve our effectiveness in all aspects of life.
  3. The Audacity of Hope: Barack Obama. It’s interesting to get into the mind and reflect on the learnings of someone who’s ambitions are bigger than a single role. Obama is also very frank about the constraints the world of politics places on doing good, and how he seeks to contribute beyond that.

To apply for the 2018 Behind Closed Doors Executive NFP scholarship, there are five questions to answer via an online application form to discover how a peer mentoring membership would assist you in your career. For any questions, or to nominate a female executive, you can email scholarship@behindcloseddoors.com

Further details about the application process can be accessed at the behind closed doors webiste.

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