Keys to Effective Time Management for New Businesswomen

Time Management AdviceWasting time—it’s got a lot to answer for. And we’re not just talking about getting carried away watching videos on YouTube or spending hours on Facebook. When you run a business, it’s easy to get caught up in the unimportant tasks and neglect the bigger picture, not to mention the other areas of your life. Entrepreneurs often become bogged down by certain details that waste time and hamper their path towards success. This is true for a lot of women in the workforce, not just entrepreneurs.

If you’re a new entrepreneur and this sounds all too familiar to you, it’s time to sit down, take stock and start managing your business time more intelligently by following these essential tips.

Pay Attention to Self-Care

It might seem contradictory to start by suggesting that you should spend more time on yourself rather than on your business, but hear me out. The term self-care or wellbeing seems to be on everyone’s lips lately, and for good reason: women don’t prioritise it enough. Making time for yourself leads to a healthier life and helps you to manage stress better. If you don’t practise self-care, you can burn out and your business could very well fail as a result.

If you find it difficult to put yourself above work, schedule in some “me” time—even if it’s just to take a long bath—and don’t put it off. Having a break when you can wind down will make you feel refreshed and ready to dive straight into working on your business again. Believe me, a fresh mind is a creative mind and you know that’s correct because when you finally take holidays, your best ideas are formed.

Amp up Your Efficiency

Efficiency is key to having a successful business. You should know how to spend your time wisely and make the most out of it. Ways to efficiently manage your business time include working in set intervals and ensuring you turn off your notifications during this period to avoid distractions.

You can multitask, yet do so properly—switching back and forth between different tasks without progress is a waste of your precious time. It would be better to instead choose one specific task to complete and see it through until it’s finished. This way, you’ll be able to focus your attention on that task, allowing you to dedicate more of your physical and mental resources to it so you can finish faster and more effectively.  Write a top three list and as you achieve an action, add another to the list. This helps you prioritise what is important and must be done, and prevents you getting overwhelmed with a To Do list that gets longer than your arm!

Focus on Your Work-Life Flow

As a woman new to the entrepreneurial scene, chances are you’re eager to spend time growing your business. That’s good since it shows that you have the drive, determination, and enthusiasm to succeed. Be warned though, too much of something is never good, and this includes business time.

As such, make sure you also make time for your family and friends. It’s easy to work, sleep, repeat, but your productivity will likely suffer—along with your social life. When you become so one-track-minded, it’s easy for the creative part of your brain to switch off. Plus, family and friends are important. If there’s a problem with your business down the line, they’ll be the ones who will be around to support you or even help you find solutions.

Organise Your Working Time Effectively

Time management is a key skill to master. With experience and a game plan you can solidify your skills in this area. Increase your productivity by tracking the amount of time you spend on tasks. If you seem to be spending too long on something in particular, assess how you can speed things up or even delegate to your employees as needed. Sometimes, taking a break for 10 minutes allows you to see the task differently and you tend to complete it in a more efficient manner.

It’s also a great idea to make a proper plan or schedule on how to tackle certain projects, including the amount of time to spend on each section of it. Try to stick to this as it will also act as your own personal deadline. With digestible chunks of work, it’s easier to stay focused on each one. Be realistic with your time management goals so you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Take Regular Breaks

As well as encouraging yourself to take time off to pursue your social life, have some quality family time, and to look after yourself, make sure to schedule in a few breaks throughout the working day. According to psychologists, this actually makes you far more efficient and productive. With regular breaks, you’ll be able to complete your goals much faster and with more efficiency. Just make sure they’re the right type of breaks, example: go for a walk and get some fresh air—those that help you recharge yourself or gather your thoughts, depending on the situation. If you’re stopping for a couple of chocolate bars and a fizzy drink, this will likely make you feel more tired later when the sugar slump hits.

Delegate the Right Way

If you have your own team or employees, it’s also wise to delegate some of the tasks to them when necessary. Remember, running the show on your own will lead to a greater chance of being physically and mentally exhausted. Trust those who are in the business with you and delegate certain tasks to people you know can handle and accomplish them the right way. This allows you to focus on other important areas of your business as well as increase morale since your employees will know that you have confidence in them.

However, be careful with the tasks you delegate. As an entrepreneur, you should know which ones you should do and which ones you can assign to others. If you’re aiming to gain more growth for your new business, important tasks such as seeking opportunities or building partnerships are better off done by you since you know your business better than anyone else.

Proper time management is just one of the many things businesswomen must practice in order to be successful entrepreneurs. At Behind Closed Doors, we help women succeed in business and in their careers through networking, peer mentoring, and other valuable resources. We’re all about women helping each other achieve greater success in terms of professional and personal development. Find out more about how we can help you here.


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