Nicola Deakin

Title: Director
Company: Vibrant Frog Pty Ltd

Nicola Deakin
Telephone: 0408 480 840
Bio: I believe that people who are more conscious about what they do, how they interact and the impact they have on the world are able to profoundly improve it.

With continuing integration of work and life so many of us now ‘live’ in organisations, while few have the skills to thrive there. I believe if we can make these places better – through positive leadership and increased awareness – inspired and engaged teams will significantly impact business metrics.

As a creator of dynamic leadership programs over the past 20 years I have developed a love for constructing challenging and thought-provoking experiences that significantly change perception and performance. Using my extensive professional development and academic study I translate complex concepts into practical programs (such as ‘Action on Purpose’) that help teams and their leaders build engagement, capability and resilience. Delivering a balance of business improvement and enhanced well-being is possible; this is what ‘sustainable extraordinary performance’ is all about.

I am able to relate to the business context of my clients having worked in dynamic, high pressure corporate environments (spanning the UK, US, Japan and Australia, across investment banking, advertising, PR, telecoms and insurance). A turning point in my career came when I started working with groups of leaders across the Kokoda Track and the Kimberley and Pilbara. I can attest to the power of using challenging outdoor environments to facilitate new perspectives and increased mental strength, as well as provide a backdrop for laughter. Out there authenticity takes on new meaning – sometimes we need some space to be real.

If you’d like to talk about how I could help you set your people up for sustainable success by giving them more exciting options and driving more conscious business behaviour, please drop me a note:

Sydney, New South Wales

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