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Donny Walford, Managing Director, behind closed doorsDonny Walford has this month been interviewed by Rooster Radio.

Rooster Radio is a podcast focused on high performance, with business and personal growth insights from entrepreneurs and experts in business, leadership, marketing, sport and much more which is hosted by Andrew Montesi and James Begley.

When Donny Walford started her career in banking, the barriers for women in business were overtly part of company culture. Donny was told that, as a woman, career progression was not an option.

But rather than accept it, or sit back and complain about it, it seems that Donny was energised by it. Donny tells Rooster Radio that the knock backs and the rejections only made her more determined and resilient, until sheer will and new leadership forced the culture to change, and she was able to rapidly rise up the ranks.

Fast forward to today, and Donny is using these experiences as the founder of behind closed doors, an invitation only membership organisation designed to support women in business through the barriers that unfortunately, says Donny, still exist today.

Donny is also a highly regarded Director, holding a high profile board position at the ABC, and numerous other board roles with both companies and not-for-profit organisations.

Donny reveals what it takes to be a successful director, and also what leaders should be looking for in prospective board members.

She also makes a pitch to join the board of her dream organisation (I hope you’re listening, previous guest Rob Chapman, Chairman, Adelaide Football Club)!

Donny’s story includes overcoming adversity and tragedy on the road to success, and passion for sharing the stories and lessons learned along the way.

Listen on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/ep-40-donny-walford-on-smashing/id1048369433?i=1000373152818&mt=2  

or SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/rooster-radio/ep-40-donny-walford-on-smashing-the-glass-ceiling-for-women-in-business-building-better-boards 

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