Reflections: Toni Richardson 2016 Luminaries Scholarship Recipient

2016 Luminaries Scholarship Winner Toni Richardson
Toni Richardson Manager Engagement and Development, Department for Education and Child Development, was the recipient of the BCD 2016 Luminaries Scholarship in Adelaide. Twelve months on, we caught up with Toni for some reflections on her first year as a BCD member.

At a recent Back to Business networking event Toni spoke about her experience in the Luminaries Membership where she reflected on the newfound confidence and opportunities she had discovered through behind closed doors.

BCD caught up with Toni for some reflections on her membership so far and the Scholarship process.

BCD: How did you first find out about the BCD Luminaries Scholarship?

Toni: I first found out that there was a scholarship after enquiring about membership.  I then attended an introductory Luminaries session where it was mentioned and I was notified applications were open through an e-newsletter.

BCD: Was the application process difficult?

Toni: No more difficult than writing a job application – the hard parts were condensing it down to the word limit.

BCD: What did you hope you would achieve from being a behind closed doors member?

Toni: I hoped I would broaden my networks, extend and challenge my thinking on leadership and provide a support network to openly discuss challenging experiences.

BCD: What has been the number one benefit you have gained from being a part of behind closed doors professionally?

Toni: Connection to a network of amazing, inspirational, supportive women.

BCD:  What has been the number one benefit you have gained from being a part of behind closed doors personally?

Toni: Self-promotion.  I have gained an understanding of, and confidence in, promoting my achievements, ideas and skills to others.

BCD: What advice would you give women who are considering applying for a scholarship?

Toni: Definitely apply – the membership is brilliant, but you need to be able to commit to it to get the most out of it.  Be prepared for challenging conversations, being accountable for your goals and lots of valuable advice.  The membership has been of great benefit to me and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

If you would like more information about the behind closed doors Luminaries Membership contact us today for a confidential discussion.

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