Regenerating Careers: Why Women Are Better!

When women make the decision to re-enter the workforce after having a family, they are often met with skepticism and the belief that they hold no relevant experience or are out of touch. This, however, is far from the truth.

Women who put their careers on pause to start a family develop an entirely new set of skills and experiences through their personal endeavours that are marketable to potential employers. In addition, they are able to bring with them a fresh pair of eyes not having worked in the industry or workforce for a period of time.

Being organised and prioritised

Mothers of newborns learn best how to be organised as every minute of their time matters. The ability to predict upcoming demands to save time and reduce stress, and creating structure for their families, helps develop strong organisational skills. This ability is vital in being efficient in the workforce as demanding workloads, meeting schedules and deadlines are part of everyday work life. Mothers returning to the workforce can quickly identify long term needs and daily actions, separate recurring task from the ad hoc, as well as identify what deserves priority. They learn from previous work experience and through family life to be more proactive to better manage the workload.

Making time

Most of us in the workforce look for interruption-free time as we’re constantly bombarded with information and distractions. It often takes years of practice to be highly skilled at separating the noise and maximising the time you have to yourself to be productive. Women who have spent a few years with the needs of children have learned to tune in to their most productive time, as their young ones don’t often follow a specific pattern of distractions. These women can apply their acquired skill in the workplace to work around their teams and be an effective manager whilst being productive as an individual member of the organisation.

Giving 100%

When women have children, they learn quickly that they need to be dedicated and focussed. Similarly, these women understand better the needs of business that one must fully commit to ensure the business thrives. They place a higher importance on quality of work over quantity, and avoid performing tasks hastily just to check them off a list. Devotion of time and superior performance are higher in the minds of these women.

Being a well-rounded candidate

Women who have been out of the workforce for some time are ready for a change and when they make the decision to re-enter an industry, they have an abundance of energy and enthusiasm that someone who has been working in the same role for several years simply cannot manifest. Managing a home and family helps women continually develop social and interpersonal skills needed in most jobs, which presents them as the best option for new hires.

Skeptics also believe women lose touch with business when they start a family, however most women don’t turn a blind eye to their work or industry. They are constantly updated on the industry and their distance from the work itself gives them the advantage of a fresh outlook when they choose to rejoin the workforce.



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