Rural Sector in Spotlight as Ag Consulting Co’s Jeanette Long wins BCD Entrepreneurs Scholarship

Jeanette Long may be the winner of this year’s Behind Closed Doors’ (BCD) Entrepreneur Scholarship for South Australia but the flow on effect from her 12 month scholarship could provide real benefits for many women in the South Australian agricultural industry.

That’s the view of none other than the winner herself who, as Director of Ag Consulting Co, will look to use the experience to open new doors, tap into the minds of some of the state’s most influential women and seek to make a difference for women in the agricultural industry by developing their leadership skills and career aspirations.

Announcing the results at BCD’s quarterly Connexions event last night (September 2, 2014), the Founder and Managing Director of the leading business women’s professional development and mentoring company Donny Walford said Ms Long was a worthy winner of the 12-month scholarship valued at over $5,500.

“While the scholarship attracted an impressive array of applicants the judges felt that Jeanette was the standout winner and her career journey and entrepreneurial spirit was nothing short of inspirational.

“Jeanette has achieved so much as a female role model within the male dominated agricultural industry. Her passion is to make a difference for women and to provide opportunities to develop their leadership skills and career aspirations through training, mentoring and coaching.

“BCD’s Entrepreneurs Program will provide Jeanette with enhanced personal and professional skills that will contribute to fantastic work she is doing in the agribusiness sector,” Ms Walford said

Along with her husband Bill, Jeanette started Ag Consulting Co in 1995.  Since joining the business full-time in 2004, her role has included business and strategic management, overseeing staff as well as working within the business as a facilitator, trainer and coach.

Jeanette’s focus has been to develop a range of services in the people development space, which has led to work facilitating the leadership and mentoring programs for rural women in Australia and with Agri-Women’s Development Trust in New Zealand.

Jeanette led the development and management of the National Partners in Grain program for 10 years, providing professional development to women and young people in the grains industry.

This year Jeanette was named as one of Emerald Grains 100 Women in Australian Agribusiness and she has also been selected as incoming President for the Australasia Pacific Extension Network.

Runners-up for the scholarship were Jodie van Deventer, Managing Director of van Deventer Public Relations and Communications and Marissa Schulze, Managing Director of Rise High Financial Solutions.

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