Sasha Close

Title: Programming Manager
Company: Wallis Cinemas

Sasha CloseIndustry Sector:
Telephone: 0414 253 172
Bio: Sasha Close is a Film Programming Manager and independent cinema consultant. Sasha has worked on both sides of the cinema industry, starting in distribution before moving into exhibition and programming.  In 2003, Sasha joined South Australia’s independent chain Wallis Cinemas, programming Wallis Cinemas and consulting to 20 independent cinemas. Sasha has been a panellist at ICAA conferences for ‘Australian Cinema’ and ‘Australian Women in Film’ and also a judge for AIDA films at the Australian International Movie Convention.  Sasha joined the ICAA Board this year.

Sasha holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Melbourne and a Graduate Diploma in Management.  Sasha is the mother of two delightful daughters and coaches their netball team.  Her coaching experience would probably make an entertaining Australian film with a predominantly female cast.

Adelaide, South Australia

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