Sue Filby

Facilitator, Executive 2, Adelaide

Sue FilbySue Filby has had long experience in organisations facing significant change and challenge. Her roles have had a high customer focus, spearheading a new customer drive and improved customer outcomes both internally and externally. She has worked in the public and private sectors, including local government and the not for profit sector. Of particular interest, Sue has been CEO of TransAdelaide as a public corporation, General Manager at WorkCover and Adelaide City Council and most recently General Manager Customer Relations at SA Power Networks for 8 years.

She has significant experience in utilities, workers’ compensation and energy businesses, commercial operations, regulatory and highly legal environments, consumer and community engagement and strategic direction and positioning and was awarded the SA and National Telstra Business Woman of the Year Award for the private and corporate sector in 2007.

Sue is a passionate advocate for practical customer solutions and effective customer communications. She has never shirked from getting “stuck in” and is known for her regular customer contact and ability to persuade organisations to make sustainable improvements in customer service delivery.

Sue is currently a member of the SA Water Board and the Development Policy Advisory Committee and has previously held terms on a number of other Boards and Committees.

On a personal front, Sue works hard to achieve more balance in her life. She has recently completed a “Thelma and Louise” road trip to Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, as well as a trek to Everest Base Camp late last year. She also counts learning French, ballroom dancing, medieval European history and family amongst her interests, and is a ”Game of Thrones” and “Breaking Bad”” addict.

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