Susanne (Susi) Tegan

Facilitator, Sydney Emerging Leaders

Susi Tegan
I am an experienced and well connected Non-Executive Director and CE with specialisation in health/medical sector, primary industry, education, economic development, working locally and globally. I am passionate about economic growth and social development through education and political processes.

I work across Australia and have a thorough understanding and working knowledge of governance, policy and demonstrated history of working across sectors for mutually beneficial outcomes.

I bring skills in strategy and leadership, constituent and stakeholder relation building and collaboration , management, communications in an ever changing and disruptive world.

As an immigrant to Australia, I have been lucky enough to have the support and work with some of the best minds in Australia. I regularly seek opportunities to learn, broaden my professional horizons and to contribute to worthy causes.

FAICD, MBA (Melb), BA (Adel), DipEd (UNE), GCCM (AGSM), GCRL (JCU)

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