Why Women Need to Support Other Women’s Success

Celebrate SuccessBeing happy and supportive for other people’s success isn’t always easy. At times, it can be downright difficult, especially if you’ve been constantly experiencing what you term failure. However, as women, we should consider it as a rallying cry for what’s possible for women, especially in the corporate and business world. Finding encouragement and opportunity in the success of other women could be the message you need to further your own achievements. This matters because it is often through the example of others that we find our own purpose and path to success. Simply put, successful women pave the way for those who come after them.

As such, we need to support other women’s success. Not only will it spread good vibes and positivity, doing so might just be the kick of inspiration we need to forge our own journey towards success and progress.

Find Inspiration in the Work of Others

When you encounter other women in your field or discipline that have achieved much, you shouldn’t feel jealous or insecure. Rather, you should treat it as an opportunity to learn more, especially if she’s in the same field or business as you. The nuggets of wisdom they’ll share could prove useful in your own journey while their experiences could be the inspiration you need to continue working towards your goals and dreams.

Connect with these talented women and discover how they achieved business or professional success. By taking insights from their experiences, you could draw a clearer path of your own to success. Accomplished professional tennis player Serena Williams offers this sentiment on women inspiring each other saying, “The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up.”

Realise New Approaches to Collaboration and Communication

Rarely is success the work of one—it’s usually the work of many. Success is often built on mutual respect and the ability to work well with others for the best possible outcomes. This doesn’t happen naturally. Learn what you can from those who came before you and what collaboration and communication tactics they used.

Asking the right questions and soliciting advice from those who have achieved success will increase your knowledge in terms of how to communicate and collaborate effectively. Remember that, in your career or business, the way you communicate and deal with others is also important in building your reputation. Through their experiences, successful women will reveal key advice on effective communication techniques and collaboration.

Discover New Ways to Solve Old Problems

Success, no matter how you define it, revolves around one’s ability to solve problems. It takes ‘hard work’ and working smarter to deliver solutions. However, sometimes we find ourselves only going in circles, unable to solve problems despite effort, dedication, and perseverance.

Supporting, celebrating, and aligning yourself with successful women will help you find other ways to overcome the challenges you deal with. Be courageous and ask them for tips, especially if you’re slowly losing hope—what they’ll tell you could be the “lightbulb moment” you’ve been waiting for. In the workplace, you’ll most likely encounter disappointment such as a missed promotion or an unsuccessful sales pitch. It’s how you handle it that matters. Seeking counsel from a successful peer or mentor can be a great way to learn how to understand and deal with disappointment, seek solutions, and move forward. After all, they’ve “been there, done that.”

Empowerment and Unity

When women stand together and support each other’s success, we inspire one another and encourage ourselves to work better, smarter, and wiser with one another. We also grow more courageous and stronger—with each other’s support, no longer will we wilt fast under pressure and lose hope in the face of adversity, may it be at work, in business, or in society in general. With support from fellow women, we have inspiration, encouragement, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing. As the saying goes, “it’s always hard to fight alone.”

Women who foster harmony and support and develop relationships with each other also have a lot to gain. Women can learn so much from one another. Take it from renowned author, designer, and artist Gloria Vanderbilt who says “I always believed that one woman’s success can only help another women’s success.”

Remove the archaic thinking that women are unable to work together because of insecurity and jealousy towards each other. Truth be told, there is really no concrete data to support this. In fact, research reveals that in instances of women being hostile to one another in the workplace, it’s usually a result of company culture and how it pushes its employees to work longer and harder and not of their inability to collaborate and communicate or them having ill feelings towards each other. In the end, women can and need to work together and support each other—togetherness brings greater success than discord and disunity.

Foster Relationships with Successful Women

If you want to support and work with fellow business women, joining organisations which foster the professional development of women is a good start. Behind Closed Doors is an organisation helping women enhance and development themselves into successful professionals, businesswomen and leaders with help and encouragement from each other. We offer the necessary mentoring, opportunities and networking resources to help women achieve more than you believe possible, and encourage and inspire others in the process. Learn more about how behind closed doors can be an integral part of your professional and personal growth.


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